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Hauntings On Your Health

Most of us are okay when white spirits visit us, but demonic spirits are rarely publically discussed or reported. When a demon follows you from room to room and creates situations to make it difficult for anyone to sleep, it’s time to call in help. Staying in this type of stressful situation causes sleep deprivation and may leave you on edge during waking hours. Eventually, your body will be unable to sustain fight and flight mode and stress will eventually cause your body to break down. Often, a person risks not seeking help for fear others might think they are crazy. It’s more important to rid your home of dark spirits rather than risk causing chaos in your life and making you sick from all the heightened stress. Mediums are a good source to call on to find out what these dark spirits intentions are. I have been called a number of times to help with a local Air B & B, private homes, historical homes, and businesses.

The More You Know…

Every day is an opportunity to learn something new. Whether you are currently enrolled in school, learning a new course, or starting a long-term project, the energy of the Universe will support your expansion and growth. Open your mind, energy, and heart to get out of your comfort zone and take a chance. Consider making new friends and embrace any changes. By opening yourself up to possibilities, you are allowing your soul to grow, learn and expand. As you open your soul, mind, and heart to all the possibilities in life, beautiful changes are coming your way.

You learn something new every day if you pay attention.” – Ray LeBlond

Brainstorm on your favorite hobbies and what you desire most in life. Let go of all unnecessary negative energy. Figure out solutions for all the obstacles you’ve created in your mind for yourself. We see ourselves, our friends and family create “blocks” for ourselves to simply hold us from what we truly desire. Consider having a close friend or family to become a partner in the learning journey. Draw yourself to align the energy and create a positive, encouraging flow in the environment during the journey. Remember, anything is possible. Open your mind and heart to limitless possibilities to encourage passion and purpose. Allow your long-term goals to fuel and motivate you every day.

Easiest Way to Meditate

Mediation is the most cost-friendly and easiest way to ease the restless soul and mind. Meditation is highly recommended for everyone. Not only does meditation offer great benefits for clarity of overall well-being, soul, and mind, it is also a very powerful spiritual tool to help us make better choices throughout our busy lives. However, getting started with meditation practice can be challenging. We often hear our friends and family say they cannot meditate or simply do not have time to meditate. This is very common for all beginners, because, in order to meditate, one must sit still, close their eyes and clear your mind of all thoughts.

Meditation is called a “practice,” because it really does take trials and fails to learn how to properly meditate. Clearing your mind of all thoughts is not an easy goal. If you have the trouble of clearing your mind, try one of the two following ways:

– Guided Meditation: Try meditation by focusing on a visualization or image. This gives your mind the chance to focus on just one thing while you’re moving through meditation. If you get distracted by stressful issues from work or family, you can simply remind yourself to the visualization. Stay with this image to keep you guided and away from unwanted trails of thought.

– Nature Meditation: This can help you readjust your thoughts and the surrounding environment. Consider taking a short walk in the park or a hiking trail. If you’re unable to do so, try the beach or even your own backyard. Take the time to smell the air, the trees, and flowers around you. Focus on the sound of the wind and the trees in the breeze. As you focus on the environment, take a moment to appreciate and thank the magic of nature. You will find yourself feeling lighter and less bothered by uninvited thoughts.

Remember the practice of meditation does not have to take a lot of time. It does not have to be perfect. Start easy with a few minutes at first and allow your practice to grow slowly and naturally. Meditation is meant to bring your focus back to the present moment.

Paving the Way to Infinite Possibilities

What makes your life worth putting up through the hard times? What makes your life wholesome? What are you attracted to? What do you wish to change about yourself and your lifestyle? A thorough trip into our mind is imperative to review our past emotions and experiences because our mindset is the key to true success, this may include success in relationships, career, health, finances or even overcoming personal struggles successfully. We’ve all heard countless success stories from individuals who had fewer opportunities in life. Some came from a broken home, from poverty, or from illness(es). They usually provide solid evidence that a positive and healthy mindset is important during the improvement process. Many successful business owners and gurus foresee their success, motivating them to take action and gain more knowledge. For some of us, our life experiences were not as fortunate. Our past life experiences may have left a feeling of self-value, lack of financial resources or positive role models. However, rebuilding ourselves and our lifestyle is important. Dig deeper into your beliefs and use your intuition as a personal GPS mindset system to help lead the way.

Emotions: Our emotions can sometimes seem like an intimidating roller coaster ride. However, try to keep in mind that anger, shame, depression, sadness, and regret will only hold us back and keep us stuck rather than moving forward with a positive, new outlook. Believing we are not good enough or meeting up to standards is a heavy anchor to keep us from greatness.

Actions: It’s the physical actions, the actual “doings” we execute that brings substance to our plans. A thorough to-do list is useless if we have no intention to cross the items off as the list is done. We are only good as the things we do, not say what we’re going to do.

Your life is the manifestation of your dream; it is an art. And you can change your life any time you aren’t enjoying the dream. – Don Miguel Ruiz

Rules of Happiness

Between work and taking care of the family, it’s may seem impossible to take care of yourself. Have you always struggled in living a happier, simpler and enriched lifestyle on a daily basis? Try implementing these positive universal spiritual rules into your everyday routines and live your life to the fullest.

Consistency and Stillness
Often, we remind ourselves to make some “me time” away from our hectic schedules to allow a more reflective and deeper connection with our higher selves. This will eventually uplift our spirit and lead us to review complicated situations from a different perspective. It’s essential to put aside some time for peace and quiet to contemplate our everyday choices to prevent being “burnt out” or overly stressed. Therefore, always remind yourself to reserve some quiet time in a calm environment.

One of a Kind
From your personality trains to your DNA, your life skills and experiences are what makes you unique. To develop a strong understanding and empathy for others, it requires us to recognize what makes them special, what makes them unique. At the end of the day, we are all made from the very same “ingredients.”

Value Your Values
Imagine living your life without patience, kindness, generosity, discipline, honesty and compassion. Our relationships with friends and family would slowly begin to fall apart. However, a small humble act of kindness on a daily basis can make the world a nicer place, benefiting others and ourselves.

It’s Never as Bad as We Make Think
Let’s point out the elephant in the room, we are all going to have some tough phases throughout life, such as accidents, illness, rejection etc. While the emotions associated with these unfortunate incidents are common to all of us, so are celebration, love, and laughter.

Happiness is not something ready made, It comes from your own actions. – The Dalai Lama

Positive Energy in Your Home

Have you been feeling depressed, stuck, or just feeling the need to change something in your life? Try experiencing with the power of Feng Shui. This is an ancient Chinese art of rearranging your home for better energy flow, making it easier for you to apply in your daily life. The best way to start is by creating healthy habits and routines for yourself. Just like nature, the natural world exists according to a series of routines. Consider taking some time of the day to simply meditate and to incorporate easy physical activity, such as yoga or a walk with your dog. It is also very important to create a space to escape from the sensory and stresses of your life. Are you the type of person who finds it hard to begin a project? Try making a “dream board” filled with positive quotes and visual representations of your dreams, goals, and hopes. Then, place the dream board where you can see it multiple times throughout the day.

Cleaning up clutter and getting rid of unnecessary items can easily cleanse negative energy in your life. Set a day to finish half-done chores, such as fixing that leaky faucet in the bathroom, or switching out a burned-out light bulb in the kitchen. This will easily give a sense of success and completion, which eventually will create positive energy flow within the home. After tidying up your space, you can try cleansing the energy by using sage or sandalwood.

If you are stuck indoors most of the day, try bringing the natural elements of nature into your space. This can include water fountains, colorful crystals, bonsai trees, or even pine cones. This will help reconnect you to the earth and its elements. Use natural sunlight by simply opening up the dusty old curtains and opening the windows. This will help illuminate and open up your space, rather than using harsh artificial light. Once you’ve incorporated some Feng Shui in your life, remember it’s an ongoing project.

Seasonal Cleansing for Your Soul

Summer is upon us and it’s the perfect time to get out the good ol’ rubber gloves, Windex, and dusting cloths for a good “Spring Cleaning.” While cleaning, you might be surprised at how much cobwebs and dust bunnies appear out of nowhere, leading you to wonder how you overlooked this mess! This makes us wonder how often we overlook huge red flags in relationships, patterns, and bad behavior. We become so comfortable and used to our surroundings, we forget to look at the situation from a different perspective. Maybe we used to take a few minutes of the day to recollect and refocus on peace, meditation and solitude, but eventually got caught up with everyday routines.

Everyone procrastinates on the “dirt, dust, and cobwebs” of life, until it becomes blatantly obvious that we are hopeless or helpless. If you’re currently in this situation, it’s the perfect time to stop what you’re doing and schedule a seasonal spiritual cleaning! Designate some time for a seasonal spiritual assessment to re-balance and cleanse our mind, body, and spirit. This is a great way to stay on track with your goals and strengthen spiritual evolution and personal growth.

“Spring cleaning will only last for the season, but spiritual cleansing could have an eternal influence. So, don’t just dust behind those bookshelves.”

The start of a new season is the ideal time to clean and reassess. Check on yourself and be honest about who and what you need to feed your soul and strengthen your spirit. Make a promise to yourself to do some thorough spiritual “dusting” of your soul. Create a simple plan to eliminate bad habits and to prevent more negative energy. Just like we clean out the cobwebs and dust bunnies from our homes, we must do the same to our souls. Summer is here, it’s the start of a new season. So get out your handy-dandy calendar out and pick a date for your spiritual cleaning!

Healthy Ways to Deal with Stress

Everyone deals with stress in their lives. Some may have more than others, and it may even sound simply inevitable. The best way to deal with stress is to not worry about the situation, but rather think of how to react to it. It’s essential to think of healthy ways to deal with stress in your own unique way. When people are less affected by stress, they are more likely to make better decisions throughout life. One’s intuition is significantly better when their stress levels are low.

Always remember to feel emotionally balanced to live a happy life…

When you are less stressed, you’re more likely to make better decisions, rather than feeling anxious or “panicky.” When feeling stressed or overwhelmed, remind yourself that energy attracts energy. For instance, if you are focusing on all the small things that went wrong this morning, you are more likely to attract negative energy. Instead, try to focus on the positive in life, such as your family, friends, or the pets waiting for you to come home. There are many other healthy and easy ways to deal with stressful situations. A great tip is to take 20-30 minutes a day doing something you are truly passionate about. If it’s an old hobby you used to love but no longer confident about, you can start off little by little!
Exercising is also a great way to deal with less stress. Your mind and body both need careful balance and attention. Although stress may seem overwhelming, remember to put your health and emotional balance first. By taking better care of yourself, you are less likely to be stressed out and experience greater happiness and light.

Using Colors for Benefits

Did you know you can use colors as therapy to unblock or heal the chakras in a very effective way? The chakras have a huge influence on your physical health, energy levels, emotional balance, and even your reproductive system? It can also support clear thinking, strengthen your intuition and spiritual well-being. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your chakras in perfect balance. Each chakra rules a different area of the mind, body, and heart. For most people, it can be quite easy to spot any imbalance. For instance, if you have immune system issues often, you may have an imbalance in your root chakra. If you find yourself having trouble speaking your mind, your throat chakra may need some attention. Each chakra is located in a particular area of the body and influence our energy flow:

Root Chakra: This chakra is located at the bottom of your spine and represents the color red. The root chakra physical health aspects include legs, feet, the groin, and the male & female genital areas.

Creation Chakra: Located in your pelvic region, it is represented with the color orange. This specific chakra affects your creative aspects and physical health of the pelvic area, the reproductive glands, hips and lower back.

Power Chakra: The power chakra is located in your mid-section/stomach. This resonates with the color yellow. It regulates power aspects and life force, including the physical health of the stomach and middle organs of your body.

Heart Chakra: Hence the name, it is located in the area of your chest and heart, it resonates the color green. This determines the physical health of your heart, breasts, lungs, upper back and emotional aspects.

Will Chakra: This chakra is located in your throat region and resonates with the color light blue. This controls free will, expression, freedom of choice and the physical wellness of your neck, throat nose, and mouth.

Intellectual Chakra: Located in the forehead area, it resonates the color indigo. This manages mental health aspects, intellect, thoughts and the physical health of your forehead, brain, and eyes.

Crown Chakra: Due to this chakra being located just above the head, it’s not necessarily connected to a particular part of the body. It resonates with the color purple. It regulates spiritual growth, intuition, your third eye, awareness and a strong connection with the universe.

Once you’ve located which chakra needs a support boost, select the specific color the chakra represents. Then, surround yourself with this particular color and quietly meditate with gems of the same color or place them on the area that needs attention. Try wearing this particular color of clothing, or eat more foods associated to the same color. Once all of your chakras are cleared and balanced, you’ll begin to feel more alert, energetic and intuitive.