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Sense and Sensibility: Tapping into more than just the five senses

Every school-age child knows the standard five senses: touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight. The sixth sense is thought to be what’s known as extra-sensory perception, or the ability to sense what cannot be observed by the other 5 senses. According to science, the sixth sense is known as “Proprioception,” or the ability to understand where your body is in the sense of space.

Proprioception enables us to sense movement as it relates to the space around us and our own limbs. It is the sense that allows us to touch our finger to our nose, even when our eyes are closed. People with inhibited proprioception may be clumsy or move awkwardly and, when blindfolded, will stumble or not be able to accommodate their movements in the space around them.

Conversely, enhanced proprioception leads to what is classically known as ESP. Developing this sense, or being born with an enhanced sense of proprioception, gives these individuals an advanced warning of movement or changes around them, leading to a “prediction” – or more likely an advanced warning – of things happening before they do. Think of it as the science behind the hairs that stand up on the back of your neck or the uneasy feeling in your gut.

Another sense that is studied widely and considered more and more relevant in both the scientific and spiritual communities is magnetoreception, or the ability to detect magnetic fields. Birds and other animals have an amazing sense of magnetoreception. This is what leads them to migrate back and forth to the same locations year after year. Humans are typically born with an underdeveloped sense of magnetoreception. Basically, it’s what gives us our sense of direction. If you can tell which way is north without a compass or looking at the sun, or if you have an excellent sense of direction, then your sense of magnetoreception is well-developed.

Furthermore, chemical reactions that occur naturally in the human body create many tiny electrical currents. For example, nerves relay signals by transmitting electric impulses. Brain activity relies on communication between charged particles and the heart is electrically active, which is why your doctor will monitor it through an echocardiogram.

It is no surprise, then, that the feeling of a “magnetic connection” or an “electric attraction” to another individual is possible through the sense of magnetoreception. Science and Spiritualism are not mutually exclusive principles. The point of spiritualism is to interpret that which is around us and align our senses with nature and others to create positive outcomes. Being in tune with all our senses assists us in creating a better view of opportunities, challenges, and successes.


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Creating Spiritual Connections at Mealtime

Many of us have a spiritual connection to food. Every time you make Grandma’s famous cinnamon roll recipe, it takes you back to when you were 8 years old, standing on a stool in her kitchen learning how to make it for the first time. You can smell Grandma’s perfume and hear her laughter as she teaches you how to knead the dough. You might turn on her favorite music and recall how you danced around the kitchen waiting for the rolls to bake. And each bite wraps you in the warmth of those memories.

Whether it’s Grandma’s cinnamon rolls or your Abuela’s tamales or even your dad’s bratwurst on the grill, we develop strong memories and feelings related to food. The act of preparing, serving, and eating is a great way to pull yourself out of the hustle and bustle of every day and tap back into your spiritual side.

With fresh herbs, vegetables, and seasonings, we maintain our connection with the earth. Feeding ourselves well enables us to remain balanced and focused. If you’re a meat-eater, using ethically sourced products not only brings better balance to your meals but also enhances the flavor.

If an animal is raised and processed inhumanely, the glycogen that is stored in its muscles is turned into adrenaline to help cope with those stressors. In an unstressed animal, the stored glycogen is converted to lactic acid after death, which helps keep the meat tender and flavorful.

To mindfully create a spiritual connection with food, which will not only help you disconnect from your daily stressors but also help create those powerful, bonding memories with your family, here are some tips to try while you cook:

  1. Create the scene:  build a relaxing scene in your kitchen. Turn off the TV and instead turn on some soothing music or nature sounds. Light unscented candles to enhance the mood without interfering with the natural smells of your meal. Take a few minutes before you begin your meal prep to breathe and relax.
  2. Meditate as you prepare: let yourself be in this moment and not thinking about the work you left unfinished at the office or the kids’ schedule for the week. Focus on your intention for this meal and the result you want to create: a beautiful dish, a family excited to sit down together for one of their favorite dishes, etc.
  3. Appreciate the food through all senses: concentrate on how the vegetables release their aroma as you chop them, feel the softness of the floured dough as you knead it to perfection, listen to the pot as it begins to boil and how the tempo changes as the temperature grows.
  4. Clean your kitchen: don’t leave the dishes for another day. When you leave your space cluttered and dirty, it pushes you out of spiritual alignment. It’s like that ancient saying, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Similar advice can be found in many spiritual teachings from Buddhism to Christianity to Wicca. When your space is clear and clean, it naturally lifts your vibration, which allows you to feel motivated, inspired, and creative.

To truly be spiritually connected and receptive, everything we do should be purposeful. As people with many responsibilities and expectations, this isn’t always possible so slowing down and creating a meal with true intention and reflection is a great way to find time each day to refocus and connect with yourself and your family on a deeper plane.

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Spring Cleaning Tips for your Psyche

The spring months are a literal and figurative time for rebirth and reawakening. As the brown grass turns back to green, flowers begin to bloom and the sunnier weather emerges at the same time the pandemic of 2020 begins to finally recede, we too begin to emerge from our self-induced cocoons and welcome back a sense of normality.  Spring is also a perfect time to initiate a psychic cleanse and prepare your soul, your psyche and your mind for a new year of motivation and success in your personal or professional life – or both!

Even before you can identify what may be holding you back, it is important to evaluate and cleanse your environment.  The space you are in – both at home or at work (which, these days may be the same space) – must be able to support your goals to move forward. So, before cleansing your psyche, look around at your environment. Is it in order, are pathways clear, is it welcoming for you and whomever it is you desire to have around you? Are there reminders of people, places or things that are blocking you from moving to the next phase in your life? These can sometimes be the most difficult to discard because photos or moments from our past may hold special meaning, but they may also root us in the past, which inhibits our ability to move forward.

Marie Kondo’s philosophy of only holding on to items that “spark joy” has incredible merit. Physical reminders of people or events from your past that bring sadness, dread or regret fill up our psychic space with excuses and existential lethargy that drain our motivation, sometimes to the point that we don’t think we deserve success or happiness. If you can’t bring yourself to throw these items away, remove them from your everyday space and put the in storage. Thank the people involved for shaping you and the lessons they taught – whether good or bad – and commit to honoring those lessons by using them to move forward.

Next, replace the empty spaces with symbols of growth (flowers, plants, motivational plaques or posters) or goal-related trinkets. For instance, if your desire is to travel more this year, scour flea markets or boutiques for items that represent the places you’d like to go. If you’d like to progress in your job or change careers, find photos of people you admire that have already achieved that success and put them in places that will remind you daily of that goal.

Most importantly, don’t feel like you have to do this alone. Sometimes, the items we have around us become so familiar and ingrained in our everyday environment, we don’t even realize the overall impact they have on our psyche, Invite a friend over as an independent set of eyes. Ask them to point out what they see and how your space makes them feel. They should be comfortable identifying specific pictures and objects and asking you what they mean to you – who these people are and what effect they had on your life.  Your psychic advisor can be helpful with this, too. Our intuitive abilities can pick up on the specific items that may be causing more harm than you realize and our outsider’s perspective may be able to zero in on those more quickly.

Whether you choose to evaluate and cleanse your environment on your own to prepare your psyche for a spiritual regrowth or enlist the help of a friend or professional, the sooner you release what is holding you back, the faster you can reach your goals. Make 2021 the year you achieve happiness and fulfillment from the inside and out.

Take A Psychic Vacation

Top U.S. Spiritual Vacation spots

Travel restrictions are being lifted, the U.S. population is nearly 50% vaccinated against the Corona virus and we are all slowly, albeit cautiously trying to find a way back into a social environment. After being in isolated from friends and family for over a year, it may seem like the ideal time to start planning a vacation. Here are some destinations in the United States that will also fulfill your spiritual side.

Lily Dale, New York:  Lily Dale is a hamlet located within the town of Pomfret in the northern part of New York State. Lily Dale’s population of approximately 275 residents are all dedicated to upholding the spiritualist movement. Lily Dale was originally founded in 1879 as a camp for Spritualists and Freethinkers as “Cassadaga Lake Free Association.” Since then, the permanent residents host year-round workshops, symposiums, festivals and presentations to further the science, philosophy and religion of Spiritualism including the national headquarters of the National Spiritualist Association of Churches.

Lily Dale also boasts a museum featuring exhibits on the history of Spiritualism, the former site of the Fox Sisters’ cabin and lake-front camping sites. Visitors have access to a wide range of mediumship demonstrations (there are over 50 of the most renowned mediums in the world living in Lily Dale), workshops, healing services and thought exchange meetings. The town also includes two hotels and several guest houses to accommodate visitors.

Mount Shasta, California:  Mount Shasta is the second highest peak in the Cascades mountain range and the fifth-highest in California. It is also a potentially-active volcano, although the last known eruption was around 1250 AD. The highest point sits at an elevation of 14,179 feet.  Mount Shasta sits along the Siskiyou Trail, which was an ancient trae an travel route of Native American footpaths between California’s Central Valley and the Pacific Northwest.

Native American lore describes Mount Shasta as being home to the spirit of the Above-World “Skell” who were persuaded by the Klamath chief to descend from Heaven in order to fight the Spirit of the Below-World “Llao” by throwing hot rocks and lava. Skell prevailed, but was trapped for eternity to live on the mountain. 

Mount Shasta is also believed to be one of the U.S. power centers for harmonic convergence Harmonic Convergence in 1987.  The mountain, and the city named after it, just 9 miles away, remains one of the most popular gathering spots in the world for spiritual seekers. The area offers visitors several opportunities for spiritual retreats, yoga centers, healing centers and some of the best fishing spots in the region.

Cassadaga, Florida:  George Colby, founder of the Cassadaga community in 1894, said he was led by spirit guides to the area after attending a summer Spiritualist Camp meeting in Lily Dale, NY.  Colby originally purchased 35 acres to for the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association and was later expanded to the current 57 acres which is located in Volusia County just north of Deltona, about half-way between Orlando and Daytona Beach.

Cassadaga has become known as “The Psychic Capital of the World.”  The town includes a hotel, auditorium, the Colby Memorial Temple, the Cesar Forman Healing Center, a Camp bookstore and the Andrew Jackson Davis Educational building that is used primarily for musical performances and gatherings.  Their website notes that the residents of Cassadaga “have chosen to live in a community of spiritual people where they can worship and work in harmony with their beliefs.”

Many of the residents are mediums and healer and offer services from their homes. There are also free weekly message services on Sundays. Some Cassadaga residents also offer seances, spiritual healings and mediumship development classes. Because of all the practicing psychics in Cassadaga, visitors may also stumble upon several vortices, or areas of strong psychic energy, in and around the grounds of the Camp, specifically in Seneca Park and on the Fairy Trail

Sedona, Arizona:  Sedona sits within the Coconino National Forest and straddles the county line between Coconino and Yavapai.  The region is undeniably beautiful and mysterious because of the array of sandstone formations that appear to glow orange and red during the sunrise and sunset.

Sedona’s connections to Spiritualism and the psychic world began in the 1980s when a psychic channel and Sedona resident named Page Bryant identified a number of powerful spiritual vortexes including Belle Butte Rock, another powerful site for the Harmonic Convergence. Since then, Sedona has become a popular psychic destination and is now known as one of the 10 most sacred spots on earth.  However, for many Native American tribes in the region, this was not new information. For centuries, local Native Americans flocked to Montezuma’s Wall and Boynton Canyon in the Sedona area because of the unique energies in order to perform healing and other sacred ceremonies.

Visitors to Sedona can explore on their own and find peace in a self-made Spiritual journey or they can participate in a number of guided tours and psychic sessions including vortex tours, sound healing, medicine wheel ceremonies, astrology, shamanism, and outdoor yoga sessions. The City of Sedona welcomes the nearly 3 million visitors each year and offers many hotels, lodges and cabins as well as a variety of shops, spas and themed restaurants to entertain and delight the travelers.

New Orleans, Louisiana:  With its rich history steeped in both poverty and wealth, scrappy survival and horrible tragedies, New Orleans has long been known as one of the most haunted destinations in America. It is also the home to some of the most authentic psychics, mediums and Spiritual healers. New Orleans is a mix of spiritual cultures including French, Cajun, Creole, Caribbean, Irish, Cuban, Haitian and more. You can easily find practitioners of Wicca, Voodoo, and Paganism, as well as traditional religion and Spiritualism. The streets of the French Quarter are lined nightly with psychics and mediums offering readings for a small fee.

Just stepping into the heart of New Orleans, it is hard to not feel the psychic presence of its long history and the City has made a living on offering a variety of explorations into the “spirit” of what makes it unique. This is truly a tourist destination where lodging is not difficult o find. True Spiritual tourists should investigate renting a room or Air B&B in the heart of the French Quarter where you are more likely to encounter a stronger spiritual connection or a visitor from the other side.

The City offers a wide variety of ghost tours, psychic encounters, spiritual healings and trainings as well as shops and boutiques catered to the tourist interested in the mystique. Don’t forget to look outside the City for more experiences including The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, known to be one of the most haunted places in the United States.

You may also want to take a side trip to Baton Rouge to visit the Center for Spiritual Living in Southeast Louisiana. This all-inclusive Spiritual Foundation offers workshops on Spiritual principles, medication, visioning, and self-mastery. They are currently offering online and conference call seminars due to Covid-19 restrictions. Check them out here:

Refresh and Renew with the Energy of Spring

March 20, 2021 marked this year’s vernal equinox. This year, in addition to the traditional images of renewal and rebirth, the impending end to a pandemic that made many of us unwilling recluses, Spring also brings new hope of the world getting back to normal.

The dawn of Spring has been celebrated for centuries by nearly every culture from the Mayans to the Druids, Pagans and Wiccans. The Persian New Year called Nowruz begins on the vernal equinox and is celebrated by millions today around the world in a 13-day celebration. In Japan, spring is welcomed by a national holiday called Shunbun no Hi where many tend to the graves of their ancestors.

According to the teachings of the Ayurveda, Spring is a time to capitalize on creative energy projects. Tris Thorpe on recommends, “This is a good time to design your action plan for what it is you want to create and begin to take the steps toward it. The most important thing to do when you’re riding the energetic high of the spring season is to take action. Energy rises and subsides—it ebbs and flows. It’s alive and moving. Your job is to tune into the energy and harness it to create what you want in your life. Where your attention goes, your energy flows so make sure you jump on it and maximize the season.”

Spiritually, the energy of Spring brings power for refocusing our own lives and building new paths, just as the sun and rain refresh what was dormant in the wintertime.  Yoga practitioners recommend beginning your day by meditating facing east – the direction of the sunrise. Reflect on the aspects of your life that haven’t been working for you and imagine new growth in their place. 

Turkish playwright and novelist Mehmet Ildan wrote, ““When you smell a spring flower, it’s as if the soul of that flower settles inside you! And then you become that flower for a short time!”

As you meditate, envision your new career, a family goal or overall happiness growing and blooming around you just a if it was a field of flowers transforming from dead, brown grass and leaves into bright green, golds and luminous color. Set your intention for this daily to tap into this energy at the height of the season.

It is also important to honor that which you are leaving behind. Remember that everything – good or bad – that you have endured has a lesson tied to it. Thank these lessons for what they have taught you. Imagine planting them in the rich soil so they can be used as the seeds that manifest as new directions built on the trials of the past. This is how we turn our heartache, losses, and sorrows into roots instead of thorns.

Can the moon influence your success?

The moon is a loyal companion. It never leaves. Its always there, watching, steadfast, knowing us in our light and dark moments, changing forever just as we do. Every day its a different version of itself. Sometimes weak and wan, sometimes strong and full of light. The moon understands what it means to be human. Uncertain. Alone. Cratered by imperfections.” – Tahereh Mafi

Just as the phases of the moon can affect the tides in the ocean, they can also influence our own energies. Many spiritualists believe that we can achieve better success in specific areas if our efforts are begun during the correct phase of the moon’s waxing or waning. Even scientists and physicians as far back as 400 B.C. have related the influence of the moon on one’s ability (or inability) to be act with a full sense of reason and sanity. The term “lunatic” was derived from the changes in mental state that were related to the changing phases of the moon.

Psychics, spiritualists and occult practitioners have used the phases of the moon for centuries to manifest specific outcomes for themselves and their clients. Using the phase of the moon to harness the correct energies can help you accomplish your specific goals:

New Moon: The moon appears as a tiny crescent on the waning side. This is the perfect time to set goals, make plans or meditate on new beginnings.

Waxing Moon:  This is the two-week period leading up to the full moon. Now is the time for new beginnings or starting a new relationship. Waxing means action and building – the goals you set at the new moon are prime for realization during this phase. This time is especially fruitful for building financial or career plans.

First Quarter: The moon is now half-way through the waxing cycle. If the goals you set included love or healing, this is the time to focus on those. Some believe that the first quarter of the moon is the luckiest period as well so pick up an extra lottery ticket during this time!

Waxing Gibbous: More than half of the waxing moon is visible. Actions are most powerful during this phase. Be sure to spend extra time on introspection and meditation to ensure the goals you have set are in your best interest. Kick your efforts into high gear for rapid success during this period.

Full Moon: The moon is completely full and at its apex. You have spent a lot of energy on your goals and intentions, Now is the time to step back and relax and reflect. The full moon should be a time for meditation, prayer and renewal. This is the perfect time for a vacation or retreat to rejuvenate your body and soul.

Waning Gibbous:  As the full moon recedes into the first quarter of the waning side, this phase signals a time for releasing negative energies and thoughts and clearing our that which is not bringing you joy and serving your interests. Eliminate the things (and people) that are no longer serving your interests.

Third Quarter: The moon is half-lit on the waning side. Continue to work toward the goals you set during the new moon, focusing especially on those that may relate to judicial or legal aspects.

Waning Crescent: The last bit of crescent moon remains in the sky. Now is the time to once again meditate and reflect on success and challenges. Thank the universe for the achievements and progress you have made and evaluate what worked and what didn’t. This is a good time to write down your reflections or re-read what you’ve written over the last month so you can refocus your intentions as the new moon looms to begin the process again.

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Tune into Spiritual Forgiveness

One of the most difficult psychic activities we often are asked to assist with is to help heal negative experiences from the past. This most often involves finding forgiveness – forgiveness of someone else or self-forgiveness. We are all a composite of our past experiences and those experiences can help us move forward or hinder us in the past. When we encounter roadblock after roadblock or find it difficult to motivate ourselves to move forward it is often because we need to find that spiritual forgiveness.

Forgiveness is difficult because it leaves us vulnerable. If we forgive ourselves for bad behavior or someone else that has harmed us, it leaves us mentally open to repeat that self-harming behavior or allow us to be hurt by someone else again. But, spiritual forgiveness is not about erasing the past and forgetting our lessons, it is about enlightenment and the release of negative energy so that we can move forward along our path using what we have learned.

Matthew Fifeforaite, author of “The Auric Forcefield” describes spiritual forgiveness as “ . . . changing radio stations from one genre of music—the energy of absolute judgment—to another—the energy of absolute forgiveness.”  He says once you tune into that Forgiveness Energy music, “You hear, sing along with, and dance to the music you like. The music called ‘Judgment Energy’ is no longer playing (active) in your life. It no longer exists.” This is the release your psychic medium will help you achieve to open you up to those new possibilities and be able to fully visualize your potential.

To practice spiritual forgiveness on your own, start by visualizing the person who has harmed you and surround them in your mind in a white light. Let this white light completely engulf them and purify their spiritual aura, devoid of any physical attributes or connections. Next, envision a pink light emanating from you and enveloping them. Hold that pink light there while chanting “Bless and Forgive” over and over until you can feel the positive energy flow back from them. If you need help connecting and completing this practice, a psychic medium can help. Remember that forgiveness is difficult, but necessary for spiritual fulfillment.


Intuition: More than just a gut feeling

Intuition is often described as your “gut feeling” that something just isn’t right or that you’re on the right path. You feel an internal pull in or push toward a person or idea. The hair on your neck gets stiff or pressure builds in your ears, your heart races or you feel an instant sense of happiness and relief for no apparent reason.

Psychology Today defines intuition as “a form of knowledge that appears in consciousness without obvious deliberation.”  Even scientific professionals can agree that your intuition comes from unconsciously defining risks or rewards associated with a trigger. This trigger could be a person trying to convince you to do something new, a job offer that may or may not be a good move for you, or an object or environment with good or bad energy.

I had a friend who booked a hotel room for a vacation she was really excited about. When she got there, she took one step into the room and described the air inside as heavy and stale. She had to force herself to walk in further and, while the room was clean and bright, something in her “gut” told her she couldn’t stay there. She returned to the front desk and walked down the street to another hotel to find a room.  She didn’t look into reasons why there may have been bad energy in that room (this was before the internet made those searches so easy), but there was a marked difference in how she felt once at the new hotel.

Psychology credits intuition with the mind’s ability to identify and store patterns. When encountered with new situations, the brain scans the long-term memory for similar identifying factors and deciphers the new visual cues using judgements created by these patterns.  The brain has an inherent need to predict outcomes and make rapid assessments based on subtle cues to help define the intent to help or harm.

Psychically, we are also reading the energy given off by a person or even sometimes an object or location. A person with the intent to harm or deceive us will be radiating negative energy. A person coming from a place of altruism will be sending light, positive energy. This doesn’t mean our intuition isn’t always right, though. We have to learn to balance our historical cues and biases with the energy signals we are reading from the person, place or object that is giving us that niggling feeling.

Before jumping to any conclusion or rush to judgement, it’s important to take a mental step back and ground yourself to identify what is causing your gut feelings. You will need to determine if there are past triggers that relate to this new situation or if this is a wholly new situation. In cases like these, especially where important decisions are involved, a psychic can help. Our empathic abilities can help interpret the energies and tune into the past influencers to help you not only make a better informed decision, but teach you how to separate the past cues from other influencers the next time your intuition kicks in.


What is YOUR Life’s Purpose?

Last year forced many changes on just about everyone due to the global pandemic: social restrictions, unexpected unemployment, toilet paper shortages, and financial crises. For many, these prolonged periods indoors and away from coworkers, friends, and family offered time for introspection and re-evaluation of where we are and where we would like to be. These reflections and the opportunities for a change in employment (whether forced or elected) and lifestyle provide a path to focus on your own life’s purpose.

Finding what you were truly meant to do or become does not necessarily have to revolve around your occupation, nor does it have to involve a grand gesture or sacrifice. Your life’s purpose or your soul-goal is what connects you to the world around you. These are the core actions that bring you a sense of accomplishment, completeness and where you find happiness and self-satisfaction. But, finding that purpose is not always easy. Indeed, most people spend their lives trying different things and seeking that sense of “oneness” with their community, their family, or their environment.

A friend of mine once suggested that to find your life’s purpose you should listen to your rants. What are your pet peeves? What actions or inactions of others really set you off? Do you get upset when you see natural waterways polluted with trash? Are you constantly researching articles on government corruption or reforms? Do your heartache and your blood boil when you see news stories about the homeless population crisis?

Mahatma Gandhi’s explanation of “the divine mystery supreme” suggested that we are a reflection of the world we see around us and the world is a reflection of ourselves. “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him,” he said. In other words, ask yourself what you would change about the world and then be a part of that change. This is how to start on the path toward your life’s purpose.

As you start down this path, reflect on what brings you joy. You may be very passionate about being part of a change, but the risks of misalignment with what your soul actually seeks for you to do could cause more frustration than joy. This is often called “burnout.” It may mean you are on the right path but took a wrong turn. Reflect on the manner in which you are seeking to fulfill your life’s purpose. If it seems like you are constantly walking uphill to reach a goal, you need to re-evaluate your methods.

Don’t be afraid to sacrifice. While your life’s purpose should ultimately lead you to a feeling of serene satisfaction, you should keep in mind that it is a journey and not a quick trip. Sometimes what means a lot to us now is actually weighing us down. All that “baggage” you are carrying (both physical and immaterial) around might come in handy along the way, but ask yourself is it really necessary. Do you need a bigger house, a higher salary, the adulation of others, a large circle of uninterested “friends”? Would the resources and energy you are using to maintain these things be better served to help others or driving you toward another goal?

One thing is for certain: your life’s purpose is not just going to fall into your lap. You are not going to wake up one day and be “there” – at the spot with a signpost declaring you have arrived at Self-Awareness Central. Some people may not even have a desire to seek it out. They are satisfied with the status quo or unmotivated to grow. But, you are here reading this blog, scanning this website, and seeking information if not answers. You know there is more out there for you. You’ve taken the first step. If you need guidance outside of your own reflections, a psychic guide can help you.

The Psychic and the Id

Sigmund Freud is considered the father of modern psychology. While many of his theories have been tossed out by modern-day practitioners, his idea of the psyche being constructed of the Id, Ego, and Superego endures and continues to be used today. The concept of the Id, the base of personality and instinct, may relate directly to why some people can tap into their psychic ability while others struggle.

The Id is the first part of the personality to form at birth. It defines our most base impulses and responses, such as “I am hungry. I need food so I will put this in my mouth to see if it is food”. The Id is unfettered by social cues or morality as these have not formed yet. The Id is also unfiltered and adeptly in tune to desire and pleasure, but not influenced by a sense of reality. The Id, while primitive, is also highly instinctual and is where our hidden memories are stored. This makes the Id keenly perceptive because it is observing without a filter.

The SuperEgo is the Id’s psychic opposite. It is the moral center of a personality, the angel on your shoulder where the Id is often the devil. The SuperEgo usually develops between the ages of 3-5, taking its cues from parental or guardian teachings and examples. The superego seeks to control the impulses of the Id and pushing the Ego to pursue moralistic, rather than realistic goals.

The Ego lies in between and waivers between the conscious and subconscious. The Ego stabilizes the polarization of the Id and SuperEgo and strives to satisfy the desires of the ID in a realistic, socially appropriate manner. In a psychologically healthy individual, the Ego is the predominant characteristic of the personality.

So, what does the Id contribute to psychic connections? If the Id is not concerned with the reality around us and is more in tune with basic instincts, the Id provides the conduit to be able to “see” what the Ego and SuperEgo try to justify as not realistic. Think of the newborn who appears to be laughing at nothing in the corner of the room or the toddler with the imaginary friend they can describe in stunning detail, down to their clothing, hairstyle, and accent. Is this the product of a child’s wild imagination or do they have a psychic connection that is not filtered by their developing Ego and Superego?

Theoretically then, we as psychics, are more in tune with our Id or have developed the ability to separate the Ego and Superego influence over the most basic part of our psyche in order to remain in tune with the whole energy picture around us when society has told us that only what is visible to everyone else is real. We can interpret our perceptions based on instinct and translate those with clarity, unencumbered by the influences of the Ego or Superego into how they relate to those we are seeking to help. When we are able to keenly focus our connection to the Id without the other limitations imposed by the construct of the psyche, our observations often lead us to be able to “predict” events because we understand and interpret energy changes and psychic movement that the Ego and Superego filter out.

This is not to say that the Ego and SuperEgo are not important. If someone were to ignore their influences and over-compensate toward the Id, they would be selfish, aggressive, impulsive, and annihilistic. The SuperEgo is important to a psychic because it moves us to help others with our gift. The Ego balances us so we also take time for ourselves. It dampens the impulse to live in the Id all the time and use it for self-gratification or selfish purposes. The SuperEgo becomes just as important as the Id for the psychic and reminds us that this is a gift to be shared. The Ego helps us to relay the information we interpret to someone who is grounded in reality so the messages we give provide a benefit for them.