“James was absolutely wonderful! Very insightful and will definitely be coming back. My mother and I left with a much more sense of peace. Couldn’t recommend him enough. If you are on the fence to see if this is legit, 100% will change a skeptics mind. Couldn’t thank you enough!”

Kennedy Matz
San Antonio, Texas

“Everything that he told me was spot on, I cannot thank him enough for what he did for me.”

Denise Hodges
San Antonio, Texas

“First off, I had been hesitant not because of reviews, but because of me. As soon as I met James it was wonderful. He answered so many of my questions and he’s just really really nice and hospitable. While talking with him, it didn’t feel like a typical conversation. It was like talking to family (that I like). He was amazing and I look forward to meeting with him again. Thank you again!!!!”

Rosaisha Thomas
San Antonio, Texas

“Thank you for the clarity James!”

Dontcry Argentina
Fort Worth, Texas

“Very pleasant experience…I would recommend him to all of my family and friends. Definitely will be going back for more readings.”

Serena Garza
San Antonio, Texas

“Went with a couple of friends as a way to pass a rainy day. Readings were pretty spot on without us volunteering any information. It was a very relaxed environment and Psychic was very easy to talk to.”

Peter Khou
Houston, Texas

“Omg was one of my best readings I have ever had, so amazed by my reading it was spot-on. I recommend you all get a reading, so precise best ever 10 stars for me xxxxxxxx.”  

Rosina Quigley
Glasgow, UK

“I just want to take the time to thank James for being so honest with me! I’ve waited to post anything. To see the outcome it’s been over 2 years since I’ve gone! and I can say that James is the real deal everything he’s said so far has come true!! I’m in shock at first I was hesitant to go! Because I’ve been to other Psychics in the past and never seen what they were talking about! But James was on point about everything! I will be visiting him soon again! Thank you”

Destiny Ortiz
San Antonio, TX

“I have gone to James a few times now. He’s is amazing – very personable, kind, and honest. I am always amazed at how spot-on he is. Highly recommend!.”

Oksana G.
San Antonio, TX

“James was highly professional and gave me an excellent reading. I had a supernatural/spirit dilemma and he was able to guide me in a manner to resolve the issue.”

Anna S.
Bulverde, TX

“The real deal. Sweet and knows what he is doing. I enjoyed my time there. I will be returning.”

Shasha Ramos
Kerrville, TX

“Hello everyone! I had a reading from James a year ago. He’s the best psychic who’s been accurate all the time! I was going through a lot back in 2017. I left my job and I was losing my mind. My mind has a hard time dealing with Walmart. There were times where I thought I was going to commit suicide. I was scared and reach out for help. James helped me get through it. I would go to him and getting reading all the time. He was always honest and respectful. I came so far and my state of mind is in a better place. James is a true blessing and an earth angel. James will always use his gift for good. If you can’t handle the truth then that’s on you. James is using his gift to help others, and not tell us what we want to hear. Remember ladies and gentlemen. God gave this gift to James to help others.”

Jonae N.
San Antonio, TX

“James knocked my socks off several times. The session was eerily accurate and emotionally healing. Not only was he able to pass messages from two departed loved ones, he also was able to read my energy and give me guidance going forward.”

Jessica Fierro
San Antonio, TX

“There is no wondering why James was selected to do a segment on TV. He’s the real deal. I was going to him before he was on TV! Sure, I can say how spot on he is, and he is. I can say that I just gave him a picture and he read that person like a book, and he did. I can say he looked at me and told me things about myself that I thought I was hiding pretty well, and yes, he did. He did all these things but what I like and RESPECT about James is that he didn’t tell me what I WANTED to hear. Meaning, he didn’t string me along so I would keep coming back. He’s like a guiding angel. This is why I keep going back to him. He is real and he keeps it real. You don’t find that a lot in this business. If you want to find answers and hear the truth then go see James. I am so grateful that I found him. Thank you James for putting things in perspective for me.”

Susan Davis
San Antonio, TX

“I had my reading with James yesterday. I was stunned and completely blown away by everything he said…he knew things nobody else would…he connected with my boyfriend in seconds and helped ease my mind with a lot…I’m a complete believer in him and will recommend him to anyone that is looking. Thank you James for all your help.”

NeNe Rodriguez
San Antonio, TX

“James was so helpful during my reading. Just by looking at one picture, he was able to tell me about someone’s personality and what they’re currently going through. He also mentioned this person had a very hard loss in the family at a young age, which is completely true. He was even able to tell me things about my current issue that have happened since meeting with him. I felt very comfortable with what he had to say, and I am definitely going back soon.”

Mayra R.
San Antonio, TX

“I went to see James because I thought I was “going crazy” from getting signs from my recently passed father. James and I sat down and spoke. I showed him a picture of a man I had been “dating” but recently ended relations with and he immediately picked up that something wasn’t right. He casually asked me if I was being stalked and I did say no. James was insistent that I was in danger, that this man was seeking me out and trying to find me and he said that he would never tell anyone that unless he was sure. Two weeks later, I discovered that I was in fact being stalked and I was seriously in danger. James not only warned me but he probably saved me from serious harm. He is the real deal and a lifesaver. I would suggest to anyone to go to him.”

Cheryl Saye
San Antonio, TX

“Amazing amazing amazing. Before my reading with James, I was grieving over an ex who passed, I had a major blockage on trying to move on and I was stuck in so much sadness and depression. After my reading, I got the closure I needed and some helpful insight. I felt so much lighter after I left to say the VERY least. Now I’m happy and in a new relationship on the verge of being engaged. Thank you, James. Money well spent. It is worth it.”

Alexa Ortiz
San Antonio, TX

“I saw James a few weeks ago. And from the second He greeted me I felt immense love and great energy. He was extremely polite and his energy was very calm. His reading was very accurate!!! He gave me great insight and I felt feeling much lighter and happy. I waited to write a review to see how my outcome turned out. Also ever since our reading, I’ve been sleeping throughout the night which I wasn’t able to do for a very long time!!!!!! James is the real deal.”

Jaimie B.
San Antonio, TX

“I never leave reviews on anything but I really feel compelled to give credit where it is due. James is amazing and probably saved my life. I went through a very very traumatic divorce that had almost no answers. James was able to tell me what happened and give me validation for things I thought might be true. He expressed that my ex would try to come back in my life and if I let her come back it would only end up worse for me. She did attempt to come back and I know without my reading with him I would have returned to endure more psychological warfare. His reading gave me the answers I desperately needed. I’ve referred multiple friends to him that we’re going through something similar and they all have thanked me for getting the answers they needed to move forward. You cannot put a price on peace of mind, but if I had to I would guess it’s about an $100 session with James. Thank you, James, you’re doing an amazing thing.”

Ashlynd Flowers
Los Angeles, CA

“I had no idea that I would have even met James… I honestly was on the lookout for someone else that was requested by a good friend of mine…being from Dallas I couldn’t find her…so I found him. And usually, you have to have an appointment to see James but I’m pretty sure he knew I needed to talk to him and considered my circumstances, and opened his door to me. Thank you, James. I honestly trust your every word. I feel like this one-time meeting will lead to a lifetime friend. Take care.”

Christine I.
Dallas, TX

“I can honestly say that after the reading my life has changed for the better. He brought up a lot of topics that I ignored for a long time and gave his opinion on how to fix them. I have a better relationship with my mom now and feel better as an individual and I’m actually happy. Just wanted to say thank you again.”

Ally Barrios
San Antonio, TX

“I called James, he gave me incredible information on my situation that I never knew. He is definitely the real deal and knows what he is doing! He guided me from a life-threatening situation and took a chance on me when he didn’t have to!! I recommend him to anyone who needs help with anything., He will do his best to assist you and make sure your okay!”

Tedrick S.
Wichita, KS

“James was a great help. Very kind and friendly. We had an online Skype video reading, I had a few things that troubled me and James was great, he brought up some good helpful things to look at to improve things and he is very calming and soothing…. after 5 minutes you feel quite at ease which is very important I feel. James is not full-on in your face, and this is also nice… he is laid back and calm but there when you want to share things. I recommend him greatly. Thank you, James.”

Ceriann P.
Wales, UK

“If I could rate 10 stars, I would! I first heard about James from my cousin back in Texas, luckily he was able to do a Skype reading with me while I’m all the way in CA for a great rate. If you’re looking for someone to give you an online or in-person reading… I highly suggest trying out Your Life’s Direction. His accuracy as a psychic was so close, I was quite surprised, especially when he went deeper into details of certain important people in my life. One of the things I certainly noticed was his kindness and sense of welcoming which helped me feel more open to talk and listen to his reading… I appreciate it when people tell me the truth! This was exactly what I needed and I will be looking forward to having an in-person reading with James during my visit!!”

Helen Walters
San Diego, CA

“Everything he said that was gonna happen, happened! He’s so awesome!! And such a warm-hearted person. He’s worth it!”

Jasmine Stewart
San Antonio, Texas

“James is the real deal. I sought his guidance when I was at a very low point in my life. He knew exactly what was on my mind without me having to say a word. I showed him a few photos and he hit the nail on the head. He even knew the person’s name without knowing them. He was able to give me details and information that I otherwise would have never known. Thank you James your gift is amazing!!! God bless you”

Melissa Bailey
San Antonio, Texas

“Just got a reading ‘Your Life’s Direction’ :D. It was exactly what I needed. I’ve gotten readings from other psychics and clairvoyants before and this one really set me straight emotionally speaking regarding my personal mission on earth and how to balance it with my need and desire for freedom. During the session, I definitely felt a lot of weight on my shoulders be released and reduced and a strong feeling of ease as I got the extra help I needed from my spirit guides and the wisdom and insight James provided. It was incredibly healing for me and very relieving. I highly recommend James, I needed some direction in my life on how to handle some inner head/heart dilemmas and got the clarity I was looking for and feel very satisfied. Many thanks.”

Joseph Cabrera Fletcher
San Antonio, Texas

“James’ accuracy as a psychic and medium is pretty astounding! He was able to pick up on specific people, places, and things that no one could possibly pull out of thin air. For instance, he made contact with my grandfather, who passed 5 years ago. James was even able to give me specific details ranging from the cause of death to how he even preferred to have his pants pressed! He knew that my grandfather was a well-respected Korean War Veteran that did earn a Purple Heart. He even mentioned my grandfather’s visit to the White House! He’s also pretty good at describing personality traits. Everything he said about people was right on the money. He also forewarned me about my sister’s car needing to be serviced. Three days later, she received a recall notice from Toyota. He knew about my upcoming job, informed me of a possible love interest, and advised me to stay away from certain people. In conclusion, I can’t say that James was wrong about anything he said during my reading. Everything turned out exactly the way he said it would, which is pretty cool in my book because I’ve never had that happen before. I definitely look forward to speaking with him again!!”

Rachel C.
West Springfield, MA

“James helped me to clarify many deep and personal situations, while not passing judgment. He immediately understands the client’s side and is ready to help. He’s an impressive medium, as he contacted my deceased relatives rather quickly and proved it with facts that no one outside my family could possibly know. Thank you!”

Ginger C.
West Springfield, MA

“James was wonderful! He seemed genuinely concerned about my situation and was honest enough to provide objective information which was extremely helpful in getting the results I was seeking. He told me the truth, not just what I wanted to hear. He was very professional and non-judgmental. I was also extraordinarily impressed with the degree of accuracy he had in the information he provided, especially regarding the time frame he gave me for a future event I was anticipating. He was right on target! I highly recommend James if you are seeking guidance and clarity on any life situation which is troubling you..”

San Antonio, Texas

“James read for me and I was amazed at his insight! He was able to explain things to me that I had been struggling with (in my past). I gained new clarity and peace from within after being read. James is very professional, nonjudgmental, and strives to provide the client with accurate and helpful information. I highly recommend his services if you are searching for direction in your life or need closure from a loved one’s passing. Thankful to have James in my corner.”

Valerie F.
Fort Mill, SC

“James is easy to interact with and never judges the details he sees or that you reveal to him. I always feel like he takes everything I tell him very seriously. James seems able to help people find peace and understanding in their lives. His insight and advice have been very helpful to me. He reaches out at just the right times when I need his input the most.”

Haley B.
Annapolis, MD

“James is so approachable and personable. I really feel he cares about helping people. He is also incredibly insightful and helped me in many ways with concerns I have in my life. Glad I used him and also found reviews about James online very helpful in making my decision.”

San Antonio, Texas

“James is a kind person and a serious and honest psychic. Thanks a lot for everything, James!!!!! God bless you every single day!”

Claudia Engelke
Pembroke Pines, FL

“James is one amazing kind man, he gets things spot-on and has helped me lots times when I’ve had readings from him. Highly recommend.”

Sarah Louise Pollard
London, UK

“Well let me start off with how nice and professional James is. I will admit I was skeptical.. but open. He was really spot on with his observations. He was very specific. Many times I hear very generalized comments that really could be said about anyone. I was really impressed and feel good that he was able to do this for me. James is for real and I recommend his services. You will not be disappointed.”

Kathleen Ryan
Kennesaw, GA

“I had a reading a couple of weeks ago and you warned me of an accident …with little bodily damage but great financial damage due to distracted driving. My focus saved us from a head-on collision but the person behind me was on his phone and hit us. He had no insurance and no license. Thankfully, the day after the reading I lowered my deductible and added accident forgiveness!”

Patricia Jo Le Sarge
San Antonio, Texas

“James did a reading for me and I was amazed how accurate he was. He is truly a gifted and talented man.”

Susan Lawson Davis
Jasper, AL

“James’ reading for me was very accurate, and it came to me in a time when I needed clarity. I will definitely be contacting him again.”

Shannon Alexander
Swartz Creek, MI

“James is highly intuitive and accurate. I knew he connected with a departed friend when he started using my friend’s hand gestures during the reading. His words and insight were a great source of comfort.”

Diana Ketterling
Salmon, Idaho